Great Wall POER pickup truck enters the Russian market to show the hard strength of Chinese pickup truck

The new Great Wall POER pickup truck landed in the Russian market in June 2021, which is another city after the Great Wall gun successively landed in picku…

The new Great Wall POER pickup truck landed in the Russian market in June 2021, which is another city after the Great Wall gun successively landed in pickup markets such as Australia, Chile, South Africa, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It is emerging in front of overseas consumers with a new look of all-round pickup culture, high-end intelligent car and emerging travel experience, improving the image of Great Wall pickup and made in China, and encircling the overseas market.

Great Wall Motors organized authoritative media, well-known bloggers and key customers to conduct all terrain and scene test drive on the newly listed high-end luxury pickup Great Wall gun and the economic pickup Fengjun 7 listed at the end of last year at the professional off-road test drive site in Moscow. The two pickup trucks won the unanimous praise of all guests with their excellent hard core strength. The whole test drive route includes long and muddy 50% slope climbing and downhill, then up the side slope, cross the wooden bridge and half meter shoal, and finally reach the swamp area in the deep forest where cars are easy to get stuck. In the difficult test drive site, the Great Wall gun and Fengjun 7 both showed strong trafficability, off-road performance and loading capacity.

Russian professional automotive media said: “the test drive experience of these two pickup trucks is very good. The quality and handling sense of the Great Wall gun is better than that of Toyota Hilux.” Yes, since its birth, the Great Wall cannon has set its goal at the top three in the world, helping the Great Wall pickup truck to become the top three in the world side by side with Ford and Toyota, and leading a new pickup culture with a new attitude and playing method.

Great Wall Fengjun 7 pickup truck was listed in Russia in October 2020. It is a practical and reliable pickup truck, which is very suitable for transporting large goods and cross-country travel. After nearly a year’s fermentation, Fengjun 7 has met the diversified needs of local users and won unanimous recognition from users, laying a good foundation for the entry of the Great Wall gun. At the same time, the addition of the Great Wall gun will further consolidate the position of the Great Wall pickup brand in the local market and further prove the hard strength of China’s pickup.

Once, our country’s products were not favored by foreign countries. But now, many pickup trucks represented by the Great Wall gun have rushed out of the country to let the world see the logo of Chinese brands and show the world the strength of Chinese brands. The Great Wall cannon has gone overseas and become a best-selling pickup truck abroad, which also symbolizes that the waist of Chinese pickup truck is straight. At the same time, the traditional image of the Great Wall pickup truck has been reshaped. It is conquering picky users in developed markets with superb product power and high-value cost performance, and correcting the name of the wave of multiplication and transformation of domestic pickup trucks.

The fact that Chinese pickup trucks can rush out of the country also means that they have strong product quality. In the future, if you want to continue to cultivate in foreign markets, you still need to continuously deliver excellent products.

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