The 6×6 version of the Great Wall Poer pickup truck is planned to be exposed, with six-wheel drive and stronger performance

Recently, a group of ppts inside the great wall were exposed on the Chinese Internet, which exposed the planning of the 6×6 version of the Great Wall Poer. The new car will adopt six-wheel drive and have stronger performance. Now that six wheel drive is adopted, the ordinary 2.0T engine may not be able to meet it. It will certainly use 3.0T power, and the new car may be mass produced in June 2022.

The 6x6 version of the Great Wall Poer pickup truck is planned to be exposed, with six-wheel drive and stronger performance

From the internal ppt of Great Wall Motor, we can see that the new car is built on the same P71 platform as the Great Wall Poer. It shows that this car was released in May this year. However, it is obvious that this car has not been publicly unveiled so far, but since it is planned, the launch of this car is a matter of time. The PPT also shows that the new car adopts the independent suspension of the front double wishbone, and the rear suspension adopts the non independent suspension of the multi link integral axle. The configuration of the front suspension is different from that of the cash gun, but its rear suspension adopts two groups of integral axle suspension, which is more difficult. The pictures on the PPT also show the appearance of this 6×6 model. The new car is equipped with six groups of wheels and off-road tires. The style of the wheel arch of the new car is also very rough. It adopts the outward expansion design, and the rear compartment of the new car is equipped with an anti roll frame. In terms of power, the new car may adopt the power combination of 3.0T V6 engine + 9at.

At present, some sources predict that the Great Wall Poer 6×6 Version will be equipped with great wall’s own 3.0T + 9at system, which will be used on some models of Harvard and wey. And the internal documents of the great wall also said that due to 6×6 The expected sales volume of version is limited, so it will share the parts of P71 platform to the greatest extent, which can not only make version 6×6 The rapid implementation of version will also reduce a lot of R & D costs, so as to make the price of the vehicle more reasonable.

From the current time node, the Great Wall Poer has 6 × The technical index demonstration of version 6 has been completed. We very much hope that our own brands can design their own version 6×6 models. This is a more convenient off-road weapon for hard core riders. At the same time, for public institutions, 6×6 The appearance of version Great Wall cannon will also make their daily work easier and more efficient.

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