In July 2021, China sold 38000 pickup trucks, entering the off-season of automobile sales

Recently, China pickup truck network obtained the sales data of domestic pickup truck industry in July 2021 from China Automobile Association. In terms of output, 36650 domestic pickup trucks were produced in July, with a month on month increase of – 9.18% and a year-on-year increase of – 8.62%; In terms of sales volume, 37743 domestic pickup trucks were sold in July, with a month on month increase of – 9.93% and a year-on-year increase of – 4.02%. From January to July, 321231 vehicles were sold, with a cumulative year-on-year increase of 28%.

In July 2021, China sold 38000 pickup trucks, entering the off-season of automobile sales
In July 2021, China sold 38000 pickup trucks, entering the off-season of automobile sales

July has always been the traditional off-season for sales in the domestic automobile market. In July this year, complex situations such as epidemic recurrence and extreme weather occurred in some areas, and adverse effects such as chip crisis and rising pressure on raw materials still exist, resulting in a year-on-year decline in the overall automobile production and sales, including pickup trucks. However, from January to July, the cumulative sales of pickup trucks still showed a significant increase, which is related to the promulgation of favorable policies for pickup trucks and the listing of a number of heavy new products. It is expected that the pickup market will continue to maintain a steady and rising development trend in the second half of the year.

The Great Wall pickup truck continues to rank the top in sales with the monthly sales of 17632 vehicles. Among them, the Great Wall poer sells 10006 vehicles a month, with a cumulative sales of more than 10000 in 14 months. It has become the trump product of the great wall and gradually moves to the overseas market. However, in July, great wall produced 15661 pickup trucks, and the shortage of chips further increased its production pressure. It is worth mentioning that recently, we obtained a group of application drawings of Great Wall’s new pickup truck on the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology. It is reported that the new car may be equipped with 3.0T + 9at power combination. After listing, Great Wall will further stabilize its position as the leader of the industry.

In July, JMC sold 4629 pickup trucks, with a year-on-year increase of 54.35%. Xinbaodian, Yuhu 7 and Yuhu 9 arranged various subdivided fields, and tried their best to introduce Ford technology through the advantages of cooperation with Ford in core technology, which improved the combat effectiveness of JMC pickup trucks. Not long ago, Jiangling Yuhu fishing version was reviewed by the Ministry of industry and information technology. From the perspective of overall positioning, vehicle function and size, it will become the most direct competitor with the upcoming brigade mounted poer.

In the waterlogging disaster caused by rainstorm in July, Henan bears the brunt, and Zhengzhou Nissan, whose base is in Zhengzhou, obviously has to face a stronger impact. However, in the past July, Zhengzhou Nissan still handed over the good results of monthly sales of 3700 vehicles, successively listed the new Ruiqi Chuangfu version, the 2021 modified Navara, launched the first domestic automatic flat bottom container model Ruiqi 6 flat container version, etc., and actively rescued itself and helped rescue in the rainstorm in Zhengzhou, with a posture of “fighting harder and braver”.

Jiangxi Isuzu also performed well in July, selling 2351 vehicles a month, the same as the same period last year. Since the launch of the new D-max, Jiangxi Isuzu’s strategy of seizing the younger market and focusing on Pan outdoor life has achieved initial results. It is worth mentioning that the new lingtuo with gasoline 8at and multi link rear suspension will be listed in the second half of the year, which will enhance the competitiveness of this joint venture brand.

Foton pickup truck achieved a year-on-year increase of 17.46% in July, and the cumulative sales increased by 29.5% from January to July. The positioning and coverage of several major vehicle lines such as land extension, general and conqueror are clear. The sales performance of Foton pickup truck has been very strong since 2021.

In July 2021, China sold 38000 pickup trucks, entering the off-season of automobile sales
In July 2021, China sold 38000 pickup trucks, entering the off-season of automobile sales

In terms of fuel type distribution, 30536 diesel pickups were sold in July, accounting for 80.9%. Great Wall pickups, Jiangling pickups, Jiangxi Isuzu and other brands have particularly strong performance in the diesel market; 7050 gasoline pickups were sold, of which only 312 were sold in Wuling journey, which made a major contribution to the growth of gasoline pickups this year. This may be related to the shortage of chips and the decline in user purchase demand, which also led to the decline in the proportion of gasoline pickups in July.

Despite the impact of core shortage, repeated epidemics and frequent extreme weather, the cumulative sales of domestic pickup trucks have still achieved considerable growth. In the second half of this year, a number of new cars will meet with users, looking forward to a new record in the sales volume of the domestic pickup truck market.

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