New Fuel Saving RICH Launched in Market

New fuel saving RICH Pickup was launched in the market in February, 2021.

As a cost-effective pickup produced by ZNA, new RICH has made a comprehensive upgrade with stronger and more fuel-efficient, better quality, safer and more comfortable driving experience and more fashionable design.

New Fuel Saving RICH Launched in Market
New Fuel Saving RICH Launched in Market

More powerful, better fuel saving

The newly upgraded RICH is equipped with Yuchai Y24 diesel engine, which integrates advanced engine technology of the same kind in Europe, and has the advantages of surging power, ultra-low fuel consumption, super quiet, reliable and durable quality.

The engine has a maximum torque of 350 N·m and a low-speed torque of 280 N·m, which is matched with a 5-speed manual transmission. Powerful low speed and high torque make New RICH easily to start even when heavily-loaded.

Low fuel consumption is another advantage of this new power. The engine has adopted high efficiency combustion system, which can effectively improve fuel utilization and adapt to more road conditions. Thanks to a variety of technologies, fuel consumption of New RICH is as low as 6.9L under 100 km comprehensive working condition.

Better quality with harsh test

As a classic product, New RICH adopts global synchronous technology and manufacturing management system. Its power system has accumulated 30,000 hours of bench test, 3 million km of road test, more than 450,000 km of severe working condition test, and plateau high temperature and cold environment adaptability verification. Severe challenges guarantees the reliable and durable quality.

Safer driving

New Fuel Saving RICH Launched in Market
New Fuel Saving RICH Launched in Market

New RICH adopts zone high-strength lightweight body and classic fully enclosed “O” type frame. The three-layer structure coating technology has been used for ten years of rust prevention. The whole vehicle performs well in performance, protection and durability. New RICH is the only vehicle of the same class equipped with ESC body electronic stability system. The ESC system integrates “ABS + EBD anti lock braking system, TCS traction control system, VDC vehicle dynamic stability system, hydraulic brake assist function of HbA and hill starting assist function of HHC” 8 active safety protection functions, including HAZ emergency braking warning, ROP active anti rollover function, etc. Meanwhile, the whole system is equipped with four-wheel disc brake and high-level brake light as standard, so the safety performance of the whole vehicle can be rated as the best among the same level pickups.

Tranquil space, better driving experience

To enhance the driving experience, New RICH NVH has achieved a quiet performance comparable to that of the library.

With the rejuvenation of users and the diversification of their needs, New RICH has more abundant configurations. The 7-inch color screen multimedia integrates the reversing image and mobile phone Internet functions, and supports car life, online navigation, online music, etc., which not only improves the sense of technology, but also greatly meets the entertainment needs of drivers.

Fashionable appearance, delicate interior

New RICH has been given a new design for the appearance, which is more in line with the user’s aesthetic. The smart headlamp is integrated with Fashion central grille, showing a full sense of integrity.

For the interior part, New RICH still maintains the classic design elements, with dual-color interior and a large number of soft materials, which improves the overall grades. We can boast that New RICH is the best in interior workmanship and materials among the same level pickups.

With 28 years of high-end pickup manufacturing experience,ZNA launched New RICH to achieve new upgrading in five aspects of power, quality, safety, driving and design, fit the core needs of users, and fully demonstrate the functional attribute of “one car with multiple uses”.

Author:China Pickup Trucks
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