Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Jiangling Motors(JMC)

Jiangling Automobile, the first listed company in Jiangxi Province JMC is a strong force in China’s automobile industry with commercial vehicles as i…

Jiangling Automobile, the first listed company in Jiangxi Province

JMC is a strong force in China’s automobile industry with commercial vehicles as its core competitiveness, and has expanded to SUV, MPV and other fields. JMC took the lead in introducing international advanced technology to manufacture light trucks in China in the mid-1980s, and became a major light truck manufacturer in China. In November 1993, the company successfully issued a shares in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in Jiangxi Province. In 1995, the company was the first strategic partner to introduce foreign capital by issuing B shares with ADRs in China. Ford Motor Company (hereinafter referred to as “Ford”) now holds 32% of the shares of the company.

Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Jiangling Motors(JMC)
Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Jiangling Motors(JMC)

JMC, China automotive industry science and Technology Award

JMC has Qingyun spectrum factory, Xiaolan factory, Taiyuan Heavy Truck Factory and other vehicle production bases, covering advanced manufacturing processes of punching, welding, coating, general and diesel and gasoline engines. The Fushan new energy vehicle base was officially started at the end of 2017. Jiangling Automobile production base builds an intelligent manufacturing center with a highly intelligent and flexible production line, and is rated as a demonstration enterprise of integration of industrialization and industrialization in Jiangxi Province. With the help of Ford’s global platform, JMC has gradually formed the core competitiveness of independent R & D, established an independent R & D system, built an advanced global digital design platform, developed design and released new products synchronously with Ford. It is the national industrial design center and the first batch of enterprises certified by the national enterprise intellectual property system, The self-developed Yusheng SUV and the light truck Carey 800 won the China Design Excellence Award, and the Carey 800 also won the first prize of the “China automotive industry science and Technology Award”.

JMC keeps up with the development of automobile industry

Jiangling Automobile has a forward-looking layout, closely follows the development pace of the automobile industry, occupies a new highland in the field of R & D, and plans and gradually implements new automobile technologies such as Internet of vehicles, new energy and automatic driving. JMC accelerated transformation and upgrading to achieve innovative development: a full range of products are planned for new energy. Up to now, it has launched new energy products such as light truck Kairui EV, Yuhu EV, teshun EV and Ford Lingjie EV; Jiangling Motor takes the lead in carrying Beidou enterprises among China’s commercial vehicles; Launch L4 level automatic driving products.

Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Jiangling Motors(JMC)
Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Jiangling Motors(JMC)

JMC brand and Ford brand fly together

JMC always adheres to the dual brand strategy: JMC brand and Ford brand fly together. Ford brand includes Quanshun series products, Ford MPV turuio and Ford SUV road shaker. Ford has joined hands with Jiangling Motor to launch a new medium-sized SUV, Ford leader and Ford leader s; JMC brands include light trucks (Kairui series, Kaiyun series and Shunda series products), pickup trucks (xinbaodian, Yuhu 7 and Yuhu 9), light passenger teshun, Jiangling heavy truck Weilong, Yusheng SUV, etc. As the largest ambulance enterprise in China, JMC motor has a market share of more than 60% in the ambulance market. During the anti epidemic period, JMC Ford Quanshun ambulance became the first vehicle for war epidemic and the first batch of ambulances delivered in China. With its leading technical advantages, cutting-edge health concept and high-quality customer service, JMC has quickly launched more than 10 “great health” product series, including Quanshun traditional Chinese medicine vehicle, isolation transfer vehicle, vaccine cold chain vehicle, physical examination medical vehicle, medical waste transfer vehicle and disinfection and epidemic prevention vehicle, so as to contribute to the national great health.

JMC will give full play to its advantages and further increase in-depth cooperation with Ford in the field of new products. It takes the lead in establishing a modern marketing system in China’s automobile market. According to the “four in one” franchise model of sales, accessories, service and information, the company currently has more than 400 first-class dealers, with a total number of more than 1000 dealers. JMC is a major exporter of light diesel commercial vehicles in China, and has been recognized as the “national vehicle export base” by the Ministry of Commerce and the national development and Reform Commission. JMC brand is also one of the two commercial vehicle export brands mainly supported by the Ministry of Commerce.

As an early foreign-invested enterprise in Jiangxi, JMC has absorbed the world’s cutting-edge product technology, manufacturing process and management concept. With a reasonable equity check and balance mechanism, efficient and transparent operation and high-level operation and management, JMC has formed a standardized management and operation system, and has successively won the quality award of the governor of Jiangxi Province, the shortlisted award of the national quality award National enterprise environmental protection achievement award, etc.

Jiangling Automobile consciously undertakes social responsibility and takes “green, caring and safety” as the public welfare purpose to create a brand public welfare “Jiangling · Xiqiao project”. Up to now, 412 convenient bridges have been donated and built in 25 provinces across the country, benefiting 600000 villagers, and won the “China Poverty Alleviation Ambassador”, “responsible China public welfare partner” and “China corporate social responsibility Excellence Award”.

Jiangling people will move forward with a broader development vision and reputation, integrate the core values of “integrity, dedication, innovation and cooperation” into the blood of enterprise development, firmly adhere to the strategic direction of “becoming the industry leader of light commercial vehicles and the provider of Ford’s cost-effective products”, face the new challenges in the field of new automobile science and technology, and move towards a broader future.

Contact JMC
Passenger car hotline: 400-915-0099
Commercial vehicle hotline: 400-880-1099

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