Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:ZXAUTO Automobiles

Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co., Ltd.’s (ZXAUTO) predecessor was founded in 1949 and in Dec 1999 transformed into a joint venture company with an asse…

Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co., Ltd.’s (ZXAUTO) predecessor was founded in 1949 and in Dec 1999 transformed into a joint venture company with an assets of CNY3.0 billion, integrating passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and auto-parts production. It was the birthplace of the very first Chinese made pickup truck with its own intellectual property rights and is rated as China’s the pillar enterprise on multi-purpose vehicles, the export base for national automobile, the national advanced technologycorporation.

The corporation possess 3 main global production bases – Hebei Zhongxing, and overseas KD plant, and R&D centers.

Baoding production plant’s core production are pickup vehicles and has an annual production capacity of 50,000, fully supported by 4,000 personnel. The main production lines are fully computerized, starting from raw materials entering the workshop to finished built-up vehicles within the plant.

Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:ZXAUTO Automobiles

The Baoding base’sR&Dproduct center comprise numerous scientific and technological elite which possess strong whole vehicle development ability and has successfully developed high-end pickup such as ZXAUTO GrandTiger TUV and ZXAUTO Admiral which has won the consumers recognition and the general public alike. These pickup models are regarded as the main pickup product for governmental and commercial uses.

ZXAUTO is the brand known for pioneering in automobile export, and the first corporation in the industry to realize large order export. It is the first national automotive products 3C certified, achieve ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, US RAB certification, Chilean certification, Iranian certification, GCC export certification and UNECE homologations. The China Ministry of Commerce and National Development And Reform Commission appraise ZXAUTO as “Designated Exemplary Enterprise on China Overseas Trade Credit System” and “China National Whole Vehicle Export Base Enterprise”. ZXAUTO pickups is one of the most exported units in the same pickup category, and it is also one of the earliest Chinese national pickup brand which is able to compete against other JV brands in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran and countries in South America, etc.

Since 2003, ZXAUTO has consecutively remains on the topflight in single large batch export order of the industry, total exports and CKD/SKD parts exports. A survey conducted by People’s Daily together with numerous authority media and 800,000 consumers, ZXAUTO was appraised as “The No.1 Brand on China National Automotive Product Quality for Consumer Satisfaction and Credibility” conducted.

In 2011, the ZXAUTO GrandTiger series products have achieve Australian Design Rule (ADR) homologations through its 60 years of accumulative R&D strength, excellent product performance and the abundance of experience in overseas marketing. The GrandTiger series also marked the new era for entry into developed market, and with increasing sales volume in the developed market, higher standards in servicing is constantly required. With such higher service standards implemented in the overseas market, ZXAUTO shall once again become the domestic pickup market high standard service leader.

ZXAUTO has nearly 200 suppliers from home and abroad and established a high-level platform for global auto-parts supply. ZXAUTO strictly controls every aspect of the value chain, the various process from zero auto-parts production, procurement and integration, adopting a 360-degree quality testing and control so as to ensure the quality of vehicle meets the design objectives and customer needs.

ZXAUTO has more than 300 dealers in China and with nearly 400 service stations.ZXAUTO products are sold in more than 90 countries and regions, facilitated with a 24 hours call center in providing personalized service to consumers. In servicing sector, the dealers, the service stations and ZXAUTO consultations comprising the 3 areas for customer feedback and care service, assisting customers in understanding and familiarize ZXAUTO, taking the initiative in eliminate any hidden issues for the customers, increase the product effective life and to assure and maximizecustomers interests.

Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co., Ltd. R&D Center consist of more than 150 technical personnel composing the high-end quality development teams, of which 17 are Senior Research Fellow, 70 Senior Researcher. 50% of the team are equipped with more than 10 years in whole vehicle development and practical experiences.

The R&D Center is instituted with whole vehicle, chassis, electronics, car body, car body accessories, mold engineering, modeling design, product experiments, technical management and relevant project management. Possessing sound technology development program and complete management system. Implementing matrix management, establishing market-oriented product development system and fully utilize domestic and overseas resources to joint venture with well-known international design firm in product design and self-development.

The corporation is focus on new product development and technology enhancement and has gradually increase the investment into the technology development funds. On 2005, more than CNY100 million was invested into the technology development funds, and has since introduced and applied 3D design development software system graphics workstation.

The product modeling development workstation and 3 coordinate measuring system were available at the same time. Able to complete the entire whole vehicle development process independently starting from modeling graphic effect design, clay modeling, 3 coordinates measuring, engineering design, CAE engineering analysis, etc. An electronic information technology system was fully established, realizing the digitized of the entire design process.

ZXAUTO upholds the “Perseverance, Exploration” entrepreneurial spirit, idealizing”Industry ServingThe Nation” and the spirit of “Benevolence “, through close partnership with suppliers and distributors in providing customers with value, social responsibility, revitalizing the national automotive industry.

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