Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Huanghai(SG) Automotive

Liaoning SG Automotive Group Co., Ltd Dandong Huanghai Automobile Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Liaoning Shuguang automobile group (hereinafter referred to as…

Liaoning SG Automotive Group Co., Ltd

Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Huanghai(SG) Automotive
Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Huanghai(SG) Automotive

Dandong Huanghai Automobile Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Liaoning Shuguang automobile group (hereinafter referred to as “SG”), was officially established on November 22, 2002. The company focuses on the development, design, manufacturing and sales of complete vehicles, chassis and parts of automobiles (including buses and trucks). Among them, Huanghai brand large and medium-sized buses are the company’s leading products. The company is located on the Bank of the beautiful Yalu River, Dandong, the largest border city in China, adjacent to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The company has 2500 employees, including 478 professional and technical personnel, accounting for 19% of the total number of employees. The company covers a total area of nearly 500000 square meters, including a production and construction area of nearly 200000 square meters. It has 14 domestic first-class professional production lines and passenger car performance testing lines, 1700 main production equipment (sets), and has an annual production capacity of 6000 passenger cars and 2000 passenger car chassis.

About SG

Our company, constantly driven by innovation, has always committed itself to the goal of “creating products that benefit both users and the company” since its establishment in 1951.

In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, dauntless Laohuanghai did not fear the war and provided strong support of materials and transportation for the Volunteer Army. At the beginning of the Reform and Opening-up, Laohuanghai could be seen everywhere, from cities to villages, or in the mountains or Gobi desert, or even in the Olympic Games. Over the past 70 years, Huanghai pick-ups, buses and special vehicles have been used for transportation, travelling, crossing country and military activities between airports, docks and the construction sites.

We firmly believe that, in the future, every innovation and every achievement of the company is defined by the present. Therefore, we should make unremitting efforts to build a better life.

A Promising Future

Human beings are always curious about the unknown, and are pleased with exploring new knowledge and promoting innovation. The history of the world automobile development, which spans more than 130 years, tells us that only innovation can lead to upgrades and only the classic can withstand the time. To obtain the huge energy brought by innovation, SG has showed the tremendous courage to establish higher goals, break through barriers, head into the unknown, and forge ahead with great efforts. Here in our company, with innovation and classics going hand in hand, we will surely bring more possibilities.

Pushing the Boundary of Science and Technology

We will constantly break through the boundary, challenge the conventional and refuse all forms of constraint. In the gradual process of breaking through the boundary of science and technology, the style of freedom will be reflected and countless obstacles will be overcome. Join us and explore the next imaginary boundary with us. We, SG in a new era, are excited and fascinated in exploring the unknown, and always pursing the cutting-edge technology.

Building a Better Life
Sustainable Development

Corporate social responsibility is the fundamental guarantee for us to advance harmoniously with shareholders, employees, customers and the environment. We know that pursuing a better life, exploring the unknown and achieving technological innovation are the driving forces behind the progress of the human society; a better future weaves dreams and the exploration unlocks the future, while technological innovation turns dreams into reality. The significance of sustainable development has become the best expression for SG to break through the shackles, strengthen innovation and pay homage to a better life.


Current chairman of Liaoning Shuguang Automobile Group Co., Ltd
Current chairman of Liaoning Shuguang Automobile Group Co., Ltd

Hu Yongheng
Current chairman of Liaoning Shuguang Automobile Group Co., Ltd

Dear users of SG vehicles, partners:

In recent years, China’s automobile manufacturing has been undergoing rapid development, and people are expecting more than ever the application of the science and innovation in this field. All indicates that the automobile manufacturing industry has entered an era of constant upgrading and innovation that features smart interconnection.

As early as 1951 when SG was established, Laohuanghai served as an automobile repair factory of the Logistics Department of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army, providing a strong support in the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea. Today, Laohuanghai, which has long been established as a “famous brand” in China, is still a symbol of the friendship between China and North Korea. As the flagship of China’s city bus, Laohuanghai has won numerous reputation and attention in the biddings during the Beijing Olympic Games. Now, Huanghai special vehicles can be seen working at many airports, docks, and even civilian markets. All of those glories shining like stars come from the unyielding support of our suppliers and partners, and most importantly, from you, our users, because it is you who always trust us and love us. Therefore, we must speed up the scientific innovation so that we can repay your unremitting support and love with high-quality products, superb driving experience, and excellent service.

A new trend of the new era heralds a new opportunity for SG. In a spirit of struggling and dedication, we are closely incorporating the latest trend of the auto industry into our products, and we shall continue to pursue the innovation and excellent service and forge a global an automobile brand that is trusted by customers all over the world. Only in doing so can we meet the ever-changing demand of the auto industry, establish the emotional relationship between the brand and users, and provide a more welcoming platform on which users and us can communicate.

We firmly believe that the reason why we can constantly transcend ourselves and pursue the perfect lies in our lofty ideals, steadfast values and real actions. We know that only when we stay true to our original aspirations and strive forward, can we make our brand thrive.

We promise that scientific and technological innovation will always be the core of our development, and we cherish more than ever the suggestions from users and partners. Thank you again for your continuous attention and support. As a new and promising force in the automobile manufacturing industry of China, we know for sure that a brighter future is waiting for us.

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Address:889 Yalujiang street, Zhenxing District,Dandong City, Liaoning Province

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