Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Changan Kaicheng Automobile

About Changan Kaicheng Automobile

As the strategic pillar of Chang’an Automobile, Chang’an Kaicheng is responsible for the commercial vehicle business of Chang’an automobile. At present, it has launched eight series of products to meet the market demand, including wechat, light passenger, wechat, light truck, pickup truck, commercial MPV, large and medium-sized buses, school buses and corresponding new energy and special vehicles, and has successfully created product brands such as “Chang’an Ruixing, Chang’an Shenqi, Chang’an Kaicheng, Chang’an prodigy, Chang’an Ono, Chang’an star and Chang’an star card”.

Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Changan Kaicheng Automobile
Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Changan Kaicheng Automobile

In the future, Chang’an Kaicheng will undertake the mission of developing the commercial vehicle sector under Chang’an Automobile, and is committed to building a world-class commercial vehicle brand. On the one hand, it will provide intelligent and new energy logistics products for short-distance logistics transportation units and individual users, focus on rapidly improving the efficiency of urban commercial logistics, and become a leader in short-distance intelligent logistics; On the other hand, it provides families with fashionable, convenient and high-quality multi-functional partners to meet the needs of all-round life.

Changan Kaicheng enterprise culture

Build a world-class automobile enterprise

sense of worth
Customer centered, providing ultimate experience and service
Take products as the main line, continue to take the lead in technology and create classic products
Value oriented, speaking by data, performance and industry benchmark
Give priority to efficiency, stimulate vitality and pursue excellence

Moral self-discipline
Integrity, honesty, diligence and responsibility

Chang’an spirit
Self criticism, active responsibility, scientific rationality, innovation and Entrepreneurship

Industry guidelines
Firm goal, unity, cooperation and efficient action

Changan Kaicheng automobile 24-hour service hotline: 400-088-6666 (light vehicles, new energy, special vehicles)

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