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SAIC Motor introduction
SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor, stock code: 600104) is the largest car listed company in the domestic A-share market with a total share capital of 11 billion shares. At present, SAIC mainly covers R&D, production, sales, logistics, vehicle assembly (including passenger cars and commercial vehicles), the production and sales of spare parts (including engines, transmissions, power transmission, chassis, interior and exterior decoration, electronic appliances, etc.) vehicle information, second-hand car and other auto service trade business, as well as auto finance business.

SAIC’s affiliated vehicle companies include SAIC Passenger Vehicle, SAIC MAXUS, SAIC-Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, SAIC-GM-Wuling, NAVECO, SAIC-IVECO Hongyan and so on. In 2015, SAIC sold 5.902 million vehicles, up 5.0% from the same period of previous year. It continued to maintain its leading position in the domestic automobile market. With 2015 consolidated sales revenue of 106.68 billion U.S. dollars, SAIC climbed 14 places to ranked 46th on the Fortune 500 in the world, which was twelfth time for SAIC to be on the list.

SAIC MAXUS Automobile Co., Ltd.

SAIC MAXUS Automobile Co., Ltd.
SAIC MAXUS Automobile Co., Ltd.

SAIC MAXUS Automotive Co. Ltd (hereinafter as referred to as “SAIC MAXUS ”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION LMITED. Established on 21st March , 2011 , the company is located at No.2500.Jungong Road in Shanghai. With a registered capital of 3.794 billon RMB , it owns Wuxi branch , Nanjing branch , SAIC MAXUS Motor Home Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Wuxi Shenlian Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd, SAIC MAXUS Sales and Services Co., Ltd.

Products matrix of “SAIC MAXUS” brand includes MPV, SUV, motor home, wide-bodied light passenger vehicle, pickup and other passenger and commercial vehicles as well as light and medium size van and various special purpose vehicle under “SAIC Yuejin” brand. The company has an annual capacity of 200,000; Nanjing production base is in responsible of producing “SAIC yuejin” light and medium size cargo van with an annual capacity of 100,000; Liyang production base is the motor home manufacture with an production capacity exceeding 25,000. The company has also set up production bases in Malaysia and Thailand.

As an international brand of SAIC Motor, SAIC MAXUS is honored to have served the Youth Olympics, APEC, G20 and other high-level international conferences with its state-guest-level quality. In terms of overseas market, products of SAIC MAXUS covers 42 countries and region in the world and ranks the best selling Chinese auto brand in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Adhering to its core brand value of “Technology, Trust, Ambition ” , SAIC MAXUS initiated the C2B business model in the automobile industry which allows real-time, online and transparent interaction with users along the entire value chain and customized production as well as intelligent manufacturing. Through business model and commercial model innovation, SAIC MAXUS dedicates to be “driven by users, providing automobile products and lifestyle service with global competitiveness and creating value for users. ”

MAXUS has a global sales network

SAIC MAXUS Automobile Co., Ltd.
SAIC MAXUS Automobile Co., Ltd.

Our sales covers 42 overseas countries and regions


User-driven and providing globally competitive
automotive products and services to create
value for customers.

Create a highly efficient and innovative team,
casting market-competitive products;
create a brand with international influence
and realize the sustainable development of
employees and enterprises.

Technology, trust and ambition

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