Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Foton Pickup Truck

Foton pickup brand introduction Based on the present and looking to the future Since the first sunshine sedan was launched in 1999, Foton pickup has sold 5…

Foton pickup brand introduction

Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Foton Pickup Truck
Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Foton Pickup Truck

Based on the present and looking to the future

Since the first sunshine sedan was launched in 1999, Foton pickup has sold 500000 at home and abroad. It is not only loved by consumers with excellent product power, but also won the favor of important national institutions such as public security system, communication industry, petrochemical industry and power grid system with personalized customized products and services.

Decrypt German industry 4.0 + smart factory

Foton pickup products are located in Foton pickup smart factory in Foshan, Guangdong Province. It is the only smart factory in the domestic pickup industry based on German industrial 4.0 + standard. The factory covers an area of 934 mu, with a total planned construction area of 336000 m2. The total planned investment of the project is 4.1 billion yuan, mainly including four automobile manufacturing processes: stamping, welding, coating and final assembly. Foton pickup industry 4.0 intelligent factory has a stamping workshop of 30000 m2, more than 10 stamping lines, more than 60 key presses, complete production process and production capacity covering all parts of BIW. From steel blanking to forming and warehousing of stamping parts, multiple information systems such as CMMP system, material preparation management system and quality platform are applied in the whole process. A complete set of blanking line is introduced from German NSM company to realize full automation. The process parameters are monitored by data, and the product accuracy is continuously tested. The product reaches the domestic advanced manufacturing accuracy level of aperture deviation of plus or minus 0.1mm and profile deviation of plus or minus 0.5mm. The welding workshop adopts 148 robots from KUKA, Germany, and the main line automation rate can reach 100%, which is one of the automobile production lines with the highest automation rate at present. The construction area of the coating workshop is about 60000 square meters, with a total investment of about 700 million yuan. It is mainly responsible for the coating treatment of tuoluzhe series models, pre-treatment electrophoresis line, sealing gluing line, finish line and refined repair reporting line. The design process beat is 40jph, and the maximum annual production capacity is 240000 units. The workshop is fully enclosed, the spray booth in the high cleanliness area is equipped with a special air shower room and 16 sets of high-efficiency filter air conditioners. In addition, the electrophoresis line commonly known as “the most expensive bath basin in the world” has invested 6 million in one pool of solution. After this process treatment, the vehicle can be extended for 6 years on the basis of the original 10-year anti-corrosion, and the anti-corrosion and anti rust of the whole vehicle can reach 16 years, far exceeding the industry standard. The general assembly workshop covers a building area of 50000 ㎡ and is equipped with interior line, chassis line, engine line, comprehensive line, detection line, test lane and care line. The workshop adopts full-automatic flexible production line, which can automatically identify, realize the mixed line production of multiple models, improve the off-line rate of vehicles, and the annual production capacity can reach 240000 vehicles.

With industrial 4.0 + smart factory, Foton pickup truck is moving forward at full speed to the era of “smart manufacturing”. In this process, Foton pickup has not only accumulated a strong brand strength to provide global products and services in line with international standards, but also actively explored and promoted China’s pickup industry to create a new height of pursuing customer satisfaction. In the future, Foton pickup truck will continue to increase the investment in industrial 4.0 + smart factory, enhance its core competitiveness, and provide global consumers with more than expected car experience with more excellent products and perfect services.

Integrate global top supply chain resources

Integrating the world’s top supply chain resources provides Foton pickup with the most powerful quality endorsement, enabling Foton pickup to quickly build its own R & D and innovation advantages. In terms of powertrain, it is intended to create a high-performance, efficient and fuel-saving product experience for consumers. Among them, based on the German standard power R & D system, Oukang engine has reached the global leading level in terms of fuel saving, power, reliability and environmental protection. Meanwhile, Foton Cummins engine is jointly built by Foton automobile and the world’s leading Cummins Engine brand. With its excellent intelligent technology, high efficiency and fuel saving, Foton Cummins engine has become the best power for high-end pickup trucks. So far, Foton pickup truck products provide a variety of power options of diesel and gasoline, as well as the manual and automatic transmissions of ZF and getrak, the world’s leading gearbox brands. Its various product combinations provide consumers with more choices.

Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Foton Pickup Truck
Chinese pickup truck manufacturer:Foton Pickup Truck

Three dimensional product matrix layout medium and high-end market

Foton pickup truck has fully introduced the European standard R & D system in product R & D and continuously iterated and upgraded its products. So far, a strong product matrix has been formed, covering a variety of star products such as Tuolu Yutu, shengtu, Foton new conqueror 3, e series and so on. In 2020, a series of scene special loading models such as flat bottom container version, marine version and breeze version will be launched successively, as well as diesel 2.5t new power, 8at automatic transmission products and battle pickup with a width of 2m. Based on the product R & D concept of “multiplication, high-end, intelligence, electrification, specialization, customization and diversification”, the new national six B products represent the highest level of Chinese pickup truck and the most powerful witness of international quality.

On March 15, 2019, with the 100000 Foton pickup coming off the assembly line, Foton tuoluzhe E7 pickup was officially launched. The new car was produced by Foton pickup intelligent factory based on German industrial 4.0 standard. The three power models of Oukang FD20, Oukang FG20 and Fukang isf2.8 were outstanding in terms of silence, comfort and power.

On December 3, 2019, “Tuo · Lingxin journey – Tuolu’s new brand appearance and new product launch conference” was grandly held in Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center. Tuolu launched two series of products, Yutu and shengtu. Based on the new high-end P3 platform, tuoluzhe Yutu smart pickup truck is a trend integrating topower’s high-performance top power, high safety and solid protection, t-link high intelligent technology, and the benchmark product of intelligent pickup truck, which represents the development trend of pickup utilization and high-end. It adopts the new design concept of medium and large-scale high-end SUV and 1940mm ultra wide body. The vehicle is equipped with Oukang engine which inherits the national six B emission standard of Cummins century technology. Its 2.0T diesel engine has a maximum power of 120kw and a maximum torque of 390n·m; The 2.0T gasoline engine has a maximum power of 175kW and a maximum torque of 360n·m, and is equipped with the handling performance of Borg Warner electronic time-sharing 4WD and Eaton differential lock. In addition, there are all kinds of intelligent security configurations for Land Rover driving, such as LDWS lane departure warning, FCWs front collision warning system, BSD blind spot monitoring system, 360 degree panoramic look around and other high-end configurations.

Tuoluzhe shengtu series is a new national VI B product based on P2 platform, which has carried out 4 systems, 6 performance and 58 technical upgrades on the basis of national V products. It has comprehensively improved its power performance, handling performance, intelligent configuration, safety performance, comfort performance, appearance and interior decoration. It is the only one of the national six B products on the market to carry out 58 technical upgrades. Equipped with 2.0T Oukang diesel power, this power inherits the German gene and Cummins century old technology. The maximum output torque can reach 375 n·m and the maximum output power is 120kw. With BorgWarner VGT supercharger, it operates more efficiently and economically, and the fuel consumption per 100 km is only 7.5L. The 1805*1580*440mm wide size of Tuolu shengtu makes the loading space of the container larger, and the carrying capacity of the container reaches 1.5T, 20% higher than that of similar products.

On March 7, 2020, Foton new conqueror 3 was listed. As a new generation of wide body durable pickup truck, it was born on the fifth generation platform of the leading industry. Foton new conqueror 3 adopts a new front face shape, and the straight waterfall grille is strong and simple. In terms of dimensions, the body length, width and height are 5603*1860*1860mm and the wheelbase is 3398mm. In terms of interior decoration, the central control area adopts T-shaped layered design, and the dashboard has a strong sense of hierarchy after segmentation; 10.1-inch touch screen, leather multifunction steering wheel and intelligent voice control system. In terms of power, equipped with Oukang diesel FD20 engine, it can meet the national six B emission standard in one step. The maximum power is 120kw, the maximum torque is 375n·m, and the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 7.5L. It adopts American Borg Warner electronic time-sharing 4WD + Eaton differential lock. At the same time, it adopts remote control shift technology, which has better overall handling performance and stronger off-road performance. At the same time, it has a large container of 1805*1580*440mm, which is far more than 20% of the container carrying capacity of models of the same level, making Foton new conqueror 3 the best wealth helper for many commercial pickup truck users.

Expand exciting life and control a better future

Today, Foton pickup has completed the layout of the whole industrial chain from R & D to production and then to after-sales service, and is firmly moving towards the leading position in the domestic medium and high-end pickup market. At present, Foton pickup has nearly 200 dealer networks worldwide, covering Europe, Oceania, South America, Asia, Africa and other regions.

Adhering to the service concept of “full care and worry free all the way”, Foton pickup truck formulates more perfect and thoughtful services according to the actual needs of users, and provides consumers with 3-year or 100000 km standard ultra long vehicle warranty, lifelong warranty for core engine parts, time limited service, star moon evening bus, reservation express warranty and other services.

At present, Foton pickup truck production has entered the intelligent stage. The Foton pickup truck intelligent factory based on German industry 4.0 provides a strong guarantee for product quality. Advanced technology and European standard quality system escort excellent product strength. With the more diversified and personalized pickup truck market in China, I believe that with the launch of new products such as Tuolu zhantu, it will provide more car purchase options for Chinese pickup trucks and users. The best service is the accumulation of Foton pickup truck for 20 years. The most outstanding quality is Foton Automobile’s persistence and pursuit of craftsman spirit.

Contact Foton pickup

24-hour service hotline: 4008 199 199
Mailing address: Shayang Road, Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing (102206)

Product pre-sales and after-sales information

Comprehensive and detailed consulting services: car purchase consulting, parts consulting and service consulting; Quick response rescue coordination service: when you need rescue service, we will coordinate the nearest Foton Automobile service network to help you get out of trouble in the shortest time; Accept all kinds of complaints: we will carefully listen to your voice, accept and help you solve all kinds of problems; All kinds of intimate care return visit, new car purchase friendly prompt return visit, mandatory running in maintenance SMS reminder; Regularly ask for your opinions and suggestions on Foton’s products and services.

24-hour supervision hotline: 086-010-80722999
Foton pickup products 24-hour service hotline: 4007009999

Mailing address: Shayang Road, Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing
Contact unit: customer call service center of Foton automobile marketing company

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